Leo and Co



Leo and Co is the surprising result of my love for music, entertaining audiences and studio arranging, combined with many years of live performances.

As an entertainer and musician, the goal has always been to offer a variety of music by a wide range of artists, so that enjoyment is the only thing on our minds for a few hours.

Leo and Co, fun, entertainment and music.


FYI: Summer is here and the 2019 Sea Ketch has started. Here is my summer formula, nice weather and as always, great friends. It still doesn't seem real sometimes.

At some point, there will be a Sea Ketch story and maybe a before the Sea Ketch story, which had a life all its own. I believe they will be very interesting stories for some. At any rate, life is good.

M/S Mt Washington Cruise Ship will remain a wonderful memory for me and if you've never been on-board, you should make it a point to cruise the lake. Thanks to all who made me feel welcome on-board for over 25 years. Just felt the time was right to give "LeoandCo" a rest. Believe me, I've been so blessed and so lucky!

For those waiting for a travel report, life took over last fall and adjustments had to be made. However, our two month cross country excursion became reality and started in the spring. We left Florida, because that's where we were and headed West to East instead of East to West as originally planned. Hey, sometimes you have to punt.

Will be working closer with the "DiVietro's" and pray you'll get a chance to experience their music and their guests in concert soon.

And of course, studio projects begging to be finished, some waiting for a longtime but not forgotten, will continue to keep me busy, with the possibility of a couple surprises? Ever struggle with patience?

Please don't forget our men and women in uniform, "We do what we do because they do what they do". Our "Thank You" is a small price to pay.

I was going to change this up a little but I can't, it's just how I feel. As always, the highlight for me, is just seeing you guys year after year and enjoying our many blessings together. You make it all possible and I am so fortunate to meet and become friends with so many great people.

If you have any questions about what I'm up to or to just say hello, don't be shy.

God Bless, Leo

Think Summer!